Keep Your Love Alive, Tell Your Story

Keep Your Love Alive, Tell Your Story

Last update on May 21, 2014.

Growing up, I never thought much about it, but I knew that it was special. While making dinner for everyone Grandpa would grin and share stories of how he and my Grandma met and fell in love.

“Well, there was always some other guy going after your Grandma. She was so beautiful,” Grandpa said as he cast  a loving glance her way. “But ya know, she played hard to get. Every time I took her home from a date, she would run up those three steps on her parents’ porch so she was just high enough that I couldn’t get a goodnight kiss in.”

That was a story I heard over and over. And I never tired of hearing it. They met at a roller skating rink, and every time Grandpa told the story of how he met Grandma,  their gaze connected and the love they shared and cherished was so evident. Whenever Grandpa told a story of him and Grandma during his days in the Navy or when he ran a truck stop, the moment was re-lived. I’ve come to see that it’s important to re-live those special moments, and to share them with your kids and grandkids. It helps keep the love alive.

My parents have one of those special moments every time they share a meal together.

They have formed this wonderful habit of kissing each other before meals. They ALWAYS do this; even in restaurants. Being the romantic that I am, I always enjoyed this public display of affection growing up, but realized later what a treasure that particular tradition could be. As my sisters and I eventually brought husbands into the family, we all gladly joined in the kissing tradition. So after the blessing over the meal is said, we give our husbands a kiss and then begin eating. It is a great and simple reminder to each other of the love we share and that we are a team, doing life together.

I am so blessed by the examples I had of loving, Christian marriages growing up and that my grandparents and parents took the time to tell us stories of how they met and the traditions that reminded them of that love. These stories and the legacy they represent guided me as I looked for a husband and a man to do life with. I am glad to carry these generational hand-me-downs into my marriage. Share your stories, your traditions. Perhaps they seem silly at first, but those stories are what make life full.


Elise Sagmoe

Elise works for KIDS HOPE USA, a national non-profit organization that partners local churches with elementary schools to provide mentors for at-risk students. She is happily married to Peter and they both enjoy raising their daughter.


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