The Grammys, Marriage and Fear

The Grammys, Marriage and Fear

Last update on Jan. 29, 2014.

If you watched the Grammy performances, you couldn’t help but notice a few things. The performance by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis intertwined with Queen Latifah performing 33 simultaneous marriages of gay, straight, and lesbian couples from the stage was particularly...interesting. If you haven’t seen it yet, take time to watch it, and notice a few things in particular.

First, consider that civilizations have always and will always flaunt the commands of God. Second, observe how impossibly weird this whole scene is. American culture is bizarro...stain glass windows projected on the wall as Madonna, Queen Latifah, and two impossibly sanctimonious white rappers sing the gospel of I-don't-know-what to the applause of thousands of happy lemmings. There is no center to any of this. "Convictions" about particular social and moral positions are as malleable as Play-Doh.  As Dr. Jones said, "We are pilgrims in an unholy land."

I do hope that we take moments like this to remember that, on a personal level and in our own communities, we are not fighting the spectre of gay marriage writ large. Often, we are not even called to deliver the Gospel message, per se, to many, at least not initially. Our task is evangelism or pre-evangelism by challenging our neighbors who imbibe cultural products like the Grammys to think, even just a little bit. We should ask questions and be interested in our neighbor’s answer. Try to learn from and get to know and love our unbelieving neighbors. Invite them over for dinner and share our lives with them. These basic social interactions are the catalyst for individual repentance, healing, and growth. They are the foundation of societal change and even revival.

Unfortunately, many of our brothers and sisters have reacted in fear and anger--rather than showing an increased love for those who are stumbling around in darkness. There is nothing here to fear, but much to lament. The Grammy performance was truly the blind leading the blind. Many watched it and gave their amen.

Encourage those around you not to be afraid. I worry about the world my kids will inherit, sure, but rather than tighten up, I pray that the Lord gives me strength to lean in, eyes wide open, and be a truly happy warrior.

Image cred: CBS.

John Patton

John works in theological education in St. Louis. He's a musician, humorist, and pater familias. Follow him on Twitter @johnepatton


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