ICYMI: You're My Hero

ICYMI: You're My Hero

Last update on June 14, 2013.

Dear Dad,

You’re my hero…

…because you happily sacrificed your time, money, and the use of your pinkie finger to pacify and cherish your baby girl.

…because you assumed the role of a painstaking and gentle splinter-surgeon, whenever backyard mishaps required.

…because you never, ever screamed at me, mom, or my siblings even when you were angry, sad or disappointed.

…because you believed that the best family vacations were marked out by the brown signs of the National Park Service, rousing campfires, and Revolutionary war reenactments.

…because you stretched every dollar and took on extra jobs to cover the bills and help us thrive.

…because you required that I overcome my excruciating shyness, look adults in the eye, and greet them in an articulate and audible manner.

…because you shared your quirky and incorrigible affinity for all green things—gardened, sprouted, or foraged… from even the most urban of environments.

…because you let me help you pull the lever in the voting booth and brought me to political rallies, marches, and conferences that shaped my gratitude and passion for the American political experiment.

…because your fierce competitive instinct made you my loudest cheerleader at the sideline of my soccer matches or the final stretch of my 32,000.

…because you sang “Cat’s in the Cradle” with tears—solemnly promising us all that you would never be too busy for your parents or for your kids.

…because you bragged on mom’s cooking and beauty and care with such frequency and loyalty that we always knew you would never leave her.

…because you lead our family in prayer, praise and showed loyal devotion to our local church, even when it was unpopular.

…because you’ve convinced me that I don’t owe just any guy a date, merely because he asks nicely.

…because you ask for and listen to my counsel in the sticky situations that you face.

…because you’ve invested your life in a tiring and often thankless job with humility, grit, and equanimity.

…because you’re Daddy-o and you take that job very seriously.

With love,

Your little girl

Jessica Prol

Jessica is an oldest sister, counseling student, writer, and Capitol Hill resident. Follow her on twitter: @JessicaProl.


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