Searching for Something Real in a Plastic World

Searching for Something Real in a Plastic World

Last update on May 7, 2013.

"Ugh.  This microwave is taking FOR-EV-ER." 

I'm ashamed to admit this is not a completely rare thought for me. I grew up in a world that was shifting into the fast lane. Microwaves, movies & TV shows on demand (commercial free!), fast food EVERYWHERE, cell phones, Facebook updates, it's insane. I can have almost anything I want in minutes, even seconds.

Anyone else noticing a change on this plastic, speedy landscape? A sense, a desire, for something real and healthy?  We're throwing out our french fries and Big Macs and going whole food. We're turning off Wii fit, and taking on a hike with the dog and some friends. We're switching from four wheels and an AC, to two, pedals, and some fresh air and freedom. We've become obsessed with charities. We want to help, to do some good, somewhere, somehow. We're looking for something we missed--something healthy, something to build on.

Can I ask something? Is our desire to have the real, good stuff strong enough to do the hard work required?  Is our passion for it enough to stop looking for microwave versions or quick Facebook status changes? Are we willing to do the hard work that our grandparents knew so well?  

It means we'll have to be less selfish in our lives through hard times, and learn how to serve each other with self-control. It means building foundations with people and staying faithful to them when the world is crashing in and it's really hard. It means developing good families, marriages, faith, and communities by putting others first (ah, the good ole Golden Rule), and not giving up when it's harder than expected or costs more than we'd thought.  

So, cheap, plastic, microwaveable--or something real, beautiful, and lasting?

Carrie Russell

Carrie Russell is a photographer and video producer, who loves God, His ways, and people. You can follower her on twitter @FaithActive.


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